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Northeastern University – Boston, Massachusetts

Founded in 1898, Northeastern University is a private research university with approximately 20,000 students located in the heart of Boston, America’s most popular college town. The university offers a comprehensive range of highly ranked undergraduate Bachelor’s degree and postgraduate Master’s degree programs. Northeastern University is also famous for its experiential learning program through one of the oldest and most highly recognized Internship / Co-op programs among all US universities.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Established: 1898
Type: Tier 1 Private University
Student Population: Undergraduate 15,339 Postgraduate 5,410
Areas of Strength: Architecture, Business, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Economics, and Engineering, plus top ranked Co-Op experimental learning
University Ranking: Ranked #62 among Top National US Universities by US News and World Report

Northeastern Bachelors Degree and Majors
Global Pathways offers Bachelors of Arts and Bachelors of Sciences through Northeastern Undergraduate Residential Colleges in the following fields of study:

o College of Arts, Media and Design
o College of Social Sciences and Humanities
o School of Criminal Justice
o College of Business Administration
o College of Engineering
o College of Computer and Information Science
o College of Science

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