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;ٴ֧ “ѧʧ” դӷǢͧ¤ 㹷¡ 2

ѧʧ (Social Work) йѡѧʧ (Social Worker) ͧӹաҡ

¢ͧ “ѧʧ”

Ҿѹѡѧʧҧ (International Federation of Social Workers:IFSW) ¢ͧ “ѧʧ” (Social Work) “ѧʧԪҪվԴ¹ŧѧ 䢻ѭҤѹͧ Сеѧ餹öµͧ ɮվĵԡͧкѧ ѧʧҧѺǴͺ ѧʧҡҹӤѭ ѡԷªѡصԸѧ”

.ؾ ǧ (2534:16) ѧʧ (Social Work) ʵŻͧèѴҺԡͪöͧؤ öԺѵ˹ҷͧ ѧҧջԷҾдçվҧآ

෾Ƿ (ط ص) ٴ֧ѧʧ㹡Ѫͧ " ԧͧѧʧ" “Ѿ (ѧʧ) ŧ ʧѧ Ҩ֡ҹ鹡դ·ҧ ʧ Ӻ ʧڤ (ѧ) Ǻ Ѻ Ҵ¡ѹ ִ˹ǨԵѹ˹ ١㨡ѹ ѧ ִ¡ѹ ¶֧ ִִٻ ҧ ִ˹Ǽ١Եѹ˹ ҧٻ 餹ѹ ҹҴ¡ѹ”

“ѧ Һ ͨ ٻѹʡĵյ "" ѧ ¡ŧѧҧ ʧҧ ԧ ͧӹ繤ǡѹ ʧ㹤˹ ѧա˹ Ҩ "ѧ" ١ͧ·ҧ е֧ͧ鹹 ѹ˹ѹǡѹ”

“ ѧ ʧ оطҵ¡ѹ繪شǡѺա §ӴѺ ѧ ҷ Ѥ ͡Ҿ ִ˹ǻҹѹ ҷ § Фѹ˹ѹǡѹ ͡Ҿ ѧ ҧͧ鹡 help assistance Ҩ֡ŧ šѹ sympathy ֧ solidarity social integration"

Ҥѡѧʧ觻 ػͧСͺӤѭͧ “ѧʧ” һСͺ

- ʵ

- Ż

- 繧ҹԪҪվ ¹ѡѧʧ繼黯Ժѵԧҹ

- 繧ҹͧѾҡ㹪

- 繧ҹǢͧѺѹҧؤšѺǴ

- 繧ҹؤ Ъö˹ҷҧѧ´

ѡѧʧ (Social Worker)

ѡѧʧ 黯Ժѵԧҹҹѧʧ 2 ѡɳ

1.黯ԺѵԧҹҹѧʧѡɳԪҪվ (Professional) 繼ҹкǹý֡㹴ҹ ȹ зѡзҧѧʧҡʶҺѹҧ֡

2.黯ԺѵԧҹҹѧʧѡɳѤ (Voluntery)


ѨغѹѡٵѧʧʵúѳԵ Դ͹ 2 ѧʧʵ Է¸ʵ Фѧʧʵʴԡѧ Էõ

¹ѧʧ ǷҪվҧ

¹ҧҹѧʧʵ ö͡СͺҪվҡ

1.ҹҪ ѧѴзǧҧ 㹵˹觹ѡѧʧ (Ѻ稡֡ҷҧѧʧµç) ͵˹觧ҹǢͧ

2.ѰˡԨҧ 㹵˹觹ѡѧʧ (Ѻ稡֡ҷҧѧʧµç) ͵˹觧ҹǢͧ

3.ͧѧʧоѲ͡ ŹԸ Ҥҧ ͧҧ Ѩغѹͧûӡ 3,000 ͧ
4.ҤáԨ͡ ͧõҧӤѭ֧سҾͧѾҡ ѧ鹨֧դͧúؤҡôҹʴԡѧ任Ժѵ㹴ҹ ҹúؤ çҹѹЧҹ֡ͺ

ӧҹҪվѡѧʧ繷ѡǹ˭ ѡѧʧ ѧѴѲѧФ蹤ͧ ( . ʶҹʧҧ) ѡѧʧçҺ ѡѧʧ͹ ѡѧʧʶҹԹԨФͧǪ ѡѧʧШŹԸͧõҧ 繵


Ҥѡѧʧ觻. ҹءҧѧʧʵ (ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SOCIAL WORK). 2542 (p.349, 350-352)

Credit http://gotoknow.org/blog/siriporn5633/183087

23 ¹ 2555 12:44:45 .
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